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In 2017 five children were killed and 3300 injured badly enough to have been admitted to hospital in the UK alone. WHY? Because of falling from an upstairs window.


At Door and Window Medic we can install child safe window hinges for as little as £65.



Ever waited in for a tradesman all day for him to turn up, because he was not prepared to offer a specific time?

Ever waited in for a tradesman who just did not bother to turn up at all?

Here at door and window medic we arrange a specific day and time to suit the customer and we stick to it.



Have you just moved House?

How many people could still have keys to your home?

How secure are your locks?

Burglary is on the increase and your lock is the first point of entry for any potential thief, we can fit high security locks.

Why does a well established business, such as ours use a mobile number for contact? The answer is quite simple really! As the owner of the business I like to take all calls directly, dealing with each potential client on a personal level.

"Looking forward to your call!"

Stephen Cameron

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